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When the Software Workshop was formed in 1995 the domain "THEBOOK™" was registered and became the company trademark. It was felt that in the "new worldwide web" there would be a great demand for what we presently sell as "BASIC" service and "THEBOOK.COM" was a good name to use for such sites.

Times have changed and most businesses now want their own domain name. The name has lost its original value to the Company -- but it may have gained considerable value to other corporations wanting an easy way to project themselves on the Internet. "THEBOOK" is easy to remember, easy to spell, and has sign/ificance in several markets. The Company is in the process of looking for a buyer for the domain and is expected to settle on a six figure sale price.
NOTE - the Company is not being sold. There is already a new site at: which will be used if the sale is completed.

Your business and personal contacts may help the Company achieve such a sale. The person that helps us find the actual buyer will be given a check, in U.S. Funds, for 10% of the sale price within 30 days of the completion of the sale. This should be at least $10,000. All you need to do is complete the following form. You do not have to know the individual to make a referral -- if you see a magazine article which includes a name and address -- submission of that information is fine!
Click here for common questions about this offer.

Please be sure to complete ALL fields below. It is important we have accurate information for the Contact's position within the business, their address & phone number, and why their business would be interested in our domain name. Our inquiries will be delivered by express courier to this individual.

Information about the Contact - ALL fields must be completed.

     First Name:   Last: 
  Business Name:
Business URL http://
 Street Address:
           City:  State/Prov: 
Zip/Postal Code:  Country:
          Phone:- Ext:
Reason for Interest/Remarks:
Information about you - ALL fields must be completed.
Please make sure the name and address information below is accurate. If your contact results in a sale, a check for 10% of the sale price will be written to the name specified below and mailed to the address specified -- no changes after submission. It may take 3-6 months to realize a sale -- make sure the information will remain valid.

     First Name:    Last:  
 Street Address:
           City:   State/Prov:  
Zip/Postal Code:   Country:
     Email Addr:

By submitting this form - You Agree:
  • To hold the actual amount of the payment in strict confidence and to comply with any disclosure terms as part of the payment.
  • To not take any type of legal/court action against the Company for any reason whatsoever associated with this submission.
  • To accept the decision of the Company as FINAL regarding any disputes regarding conduct or results associated with this submission.

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